Heating seems to always be a big topic of discussion. With rising prices in gas, and increasingly strict regulations regarding central heating systems, more and more people are moving to energy efficient electric heaters as a sole source of heat and heating products in their homes. Although overall, the cost of electric heating is slightly more than gas, there are many great benefits that can save you time, money and hassle.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Electric Heating

Electric heating is constantly increasing in popularity and, from our huge range of heating products, we have the right option for you. We're a SuperCentre stockist for one of the UK's best brands in energy efficient electric heating; ATC Electrical Heating. There are many great benefits in choosing electric heating for your home radiators and here are a few:

  • Maintenance free - unlike gas central heating systems, electric heaters/radiators don't need annual inspections saving time and money
  • Easy to install - simply install where you need it. No need for fuss or mess plumbing an entire heating system.
  • Energy efficient electric heaters - with electric heating, you don't need to fire up the central heating system to heat one room. By being able to heat only where you need it, this allows you to control your energy usage and help save money.
  • Instant heat - electric heating provides instant heat to where ever you need it; no waiting for the gas central heating system to fire up, warm the water, circulate this throughout your house (usually from the very top of the house).
  • Cleaner - electric heating is seen as the cleanest source of home heating you can you get; no potential toxic gases either!

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How to Work Out Which Radiator is for You

Choosing the correct radiator for any given room can be daunting.

There are many things to consider, however, we can help you decide what output (wattage) you would need for you to heat up your room effectively.

All you need to remember is the size of the room (metres squared) multiplied by 100w.

If we have a room that is 20 metres squared here is what the equasion would look like.

e.g. 20m2 x 100w = 2000w

With the example above, to heat the room effectively, we would need a radiator with an output of 2000w.

Below, we've created a handy wattage calculator that will quickly calculate the wattage required for your room. If in doubt, we advise that you round the measurements up to the nearest metre and if you need any extra help, give us a call on 0333 456 7895 where we'd be happy to assist you.

Wattage Calculator:

Length (Metre)

Width (Metre)