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Elnur Towel Rail Heaters

The beauty of towel rail heaters is the dual purpose nature of them; a radiator to keep your bathroom heated and a towel rack to dry your towels on and warm them up ready for you to use. Elnur has designed a heated towel rail to bring luxury and comfort to your bathroom.

The Elnur range offers so much in terms of size, price and wattage, to match every bathroom and to make sure that everyone has access to high-quality electric heating. The built-in thermostat control means that you can choose the temperature and how long it stays at that temperature.

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Efficient and useful design

The towel heaters in this range have been designed to use less energy and give you more. Instead of using a space-inefficient radiator to keep one towel dry, you can use the intelligent rung system of Elnur Towel Rail Heaters to dry the whole family’s towels.

It also provides a large surface area to produce heat from, meaning that you can keep your whole room warm with an energy-efficient heater. The heat produced also increases the aridity of the room, getting rid of damp, one of the leading causes of bathroom wall and ceiling damage.

Handy features

These heaters come with a built-in thermostat, giving you full control over how warm you want them to be and for how long. You choose the perfect temperature to keep you and your towels warm, as well as making sure that you only use as much electricity as you need to.

The fact that these heaters are electric means that you do not have to spend any time bleeding them, unlike with a traditional bathroom radiator. Similarly, they are easy to install and quick to get up and running, so you can have high-quality heating as soon as possible.

Elnur build quality

You have a variety of different towel heaters to choose from, coming in two distinct colours. For a clean, airy look, go for white, and for a more futuristic and eye-catching feel, choose chrome. Different Wattage amounts and sizes ensures that Juice has the Elnur Towel Rail Heater for you.

However, one thing that Elnur never provides a variety of is quality. With electric towel rail heaters from Elnur, quality is a given. Established in 1973, Elnur has made it its goal to provide high-quality electric heating. With over 40 years of experience in doing this, it has this very much nailed down, so you should feel confident that the towel rail heater you buy is going to last.

  • 100% efficient
  • Attractive and functional
  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance required

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