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Elnur Thermal Inertia Radiators

Thermal Inertia Radiators really are a cost effective choice for your home as they provide 100% efficiency... simply by optimising energy consumption and avoiding wastage. There are two kinds of technology used in the Elnur Gabarron ranges of thermal radiators; eco fluid (oil filled) and ecoSeco (oil free) inertia technology. 

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Elnur Thermal Inertia Radiators

Oil Filled electric radiators, like the RFE range, use eco fluid technology, based on an optimum thermal inertia and heat transfer through a low viscosity and environmentally friendly thermo fluid, with a neutral composition and high thermal stability. 

Oil Free electric radiators, namely the RXE range, use innovative ecoSeco technology that does not use any thermal fluid and is based on a primary heat transmitter. The energy is taken by a secondary element that transfers the energy, amplifying the surface that radiates and convects heat into the room.

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