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Conservatory Radiators

Lots of people opt for adding a conservatory to their home for extra space and to feel more of a connection to the outdoors whilst still enjoying the comforts of the indoors.

But most of us have a love-hate relationship with our conservatories. During the summer months it is bliss: warm, bright and airy. The perfect place to relax. However, when winter arrives, the conservatory becomes abandoned; cold and unloved.

Here at Juice, we have the perfect solution for you. Our brilliant ranges of conservatory radiators have been specifically chosen for their great looks, style and super efficiency. Bring life back into your conservatory during the winter months and make it a room that you can enjoy being in all year round.

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The Benefits of Electric Heating in Your Conservatory

Choosing one of our electric conservatory radiators is a great way of making the most of your conservatories throughout the year by adding that much-needed warmth during winter. Perfectly designed for short (or dwarf walls) these electric heaters are easy-to-fit, require almost no maintenance and come with great guarantees (as much as 10 years!). They look just like conventional gas radiators, but have all of the following extra advantages…

Fuss free fitting

Unlike with radiators that are connected to the central heating system, with the conservatory radiators we offer there is no need for expensive and time-consuming system installation. They simply fit onto the wall using the brackets supplied as standard when you purchase the radiator.

Open window feature

A really hand feature of some of the conservatory radiators we offer—and one which again saves energy—is the open window feature. The power shuts down when an open window is detected, meaning that you don’t have heat being produced and then flying straight out the window.

Maintains room temperature

The conservatory radiators we stock are extremely reliable when it comes to maintaining the temperature in the room: they have an accuracy of within +/- 0.1% thanks to the built in microchip and thermostat. This means you have full control over the temperature in your conservatory.

Energy efficient

Because they only use power when you need it, conservatory radiators can end up being much more energy efficient than using your standard heating. You can just get a little heat boost when you need it but keep it switched off if the conservatory is naturally warmer because of the outdoor temperature or sun shining through the glass. There are also daily and weekly programming options and different modes (e.g. Comfort, Economy, Frost Protection). What’s more, we have a range of different wattages available so you can get just the right wattage to suit your conservatory size. On each of the product pages you will find a wattage calculator you can use so you know you’re buying the right one.

For more information or advice on choosing a conservatory radiator, please do not hesitate to call our expert sales team on 0333 4567895—they’ll be happy to help! Or simply buy with confidence online now! 0333 4567895 or buy with confidence online now!

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