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ATC Toledo Panel Heaters

The smallest and lightest heater in the ATC electric radiator range, the Toledo Panel Heater is the versatile heating option that will keep you comfortable and save you money. Perfect for rooms in the house which lack wall area or space, Juice Electrical Supplies is proud to have these fantastic heaters in our catalogue.

Electric radiators boast several benefits over traditional water or gas central heating, such as no need for complicated and messy piping installation and a much faster setup time, giving you a warm home much more quickly. ATC pride themselves on their quality control. All ATC products are constructed in Europe, where they go through rigorous quality control checks, to ensure that every single unit is produced to the highest standard.

Nuaire Drimaster-Eco Range

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A versatile heater

At Juice Electrical we want everyone to be able to heat their home how they want to, no matter how much space they have. Versatile heaters can be really helpful for many homeowners. The lightweight Toledo Panel Heater is designed with versatility in mind. It comes in three distinct models:

  • 500/1000W. Dimensions: 576 x 106 x 440mm
  • 750/1500W. Dimensions: 732 x 106 x 440mm
  • 1000/2000W. Dimensions: 940 x 106 x 440mm

Each unit has two settings to give you the maximum in control over their power usage and heat output. It also comes with a fully-adjustable thermostat, which gives you control over the temperature of your room to let you create the perfect indoor climate. Built-in analogue 24-hour clock lets you programme your perfect heating schedule to ensure that your home is only heated when people are in. Save energy with ATC.

Durable build quality

ATC have stringent quality control measures to ensure their heaters are always built to the highest quality. We are very happy to be stocking ATC products because these measures mean that their products are always built to last. At Juice, we will never sell you a product that we aren’t 100% sure to meet our high standards of reliability and durability.

The durable aluminium elements are designed to keep your heater going for several years. IP20 protection means that your heater will be protected from fingers and objects greater than 12mm.

  • Lightweight and easily mountable
  • 24 hour clock for scheduling heating
  • Excellent build quality

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Heat your home how you want, no matter the size of your home or your room. If you have any questions about the Toledo Panel Heater then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Juice Electrical and we will be happy to talk and offer advice. Just call us on 0333 456 7895 or use the handy contact form.

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