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If you’re looking for efficient ventilation for your building, then look no further than Nuaire. This British manufacturer has been an innovative leader in fans and ventilation since back in the 1960’s, delivering quality products for commercial and industrial customers from all sectors, as well as homeowners. Here at Juice, we are proud to stock a wide range of Nuaire products, including fans, ventilators and a range of different accessories.

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About Nuaire

Nuaire are passionate about good ventilation. Damp, unclean air can cause various health problems, not least asthma and other breathing issues. Since its foundation in 1966 in South Wales, British company Nuaire has been relentlessly striving to create the very best in extractor fan technology to make sure homes, workplaces and public spaces can have clean air guaranteed. They supply a wide range of extractor fans and ventilation devices, primarily to landlords and building contractors. While new buildings are often fitted with cutting-edge Nuaire ventilation devices, their products can also be retrofitted in older properties to improve the air quality. Nuaire fans are often found in rented homes and social housing, hotels, manufacturing plants and a multitude of other settings.

As part of its ethos of investment in innovation to deliver the best products, Nuaire recently constructed a new large manufacturing plant, which helps them to pursue their innovative goals whilst increasing capacity and lowering manufacturing costs. They are able to pass these benefits directly on to their customers, offering great prices for high-quality products.

Nuaire’s and Environmental Sustainability

Nuaire are also a great brand to turn to if you’re looking to get your carbon footprint down. The company has lots of initiatives to lower the environmental impact of its production and operations. For example, they have achieved “zero waste to landfill” for both their manufacturing facility and their distribution centre.

What’s more, they take the environment into account with the design of their products. Thanks to well thought out design and rigorous testing, Nuaire ensure that their products are energy efficient, for example by developing quiet and aerodynamic fans that save on both energy consumption and the resulting costs.

Nuaire Extract Fans

There’s a reason why Nuaire extractor fans are so renowned. Their quality and efficiency have meant they have built up a trusted reputation within the sector. Here at Juice we stock a range of Nuaire products, as well as all the accessories you need for proper installation and maintenance of your fan. Nuaire extract fans are suitable for all types of buildings, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner.

We are proud to stock the new Nuaire FAITH extractor fan, which has been specially designed for landlords and social housing. Energy efficient and with sophisticated, quiet operation, this fan keeps both landlords and tenants happy.

We also stock the Drimaster products, which filter air from the outside coming into the building to eliminate pollutants and pollen. This is great for asthma sufferers or for buildings located in polluted areas with lots of traffic.

These and many of Nuaire’s other products respond intelligently to the ambient air using automated technology, to ensure optimum ventilation and filtering needs at all times.

Please take a look through our wide range of Nuaire products. Should you have any questions on any of the products then please feel free to get in touch with us today - a member of our friendly team will be happy to help!

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