Heat Mat

Heat Mat are one of the leading manufacturers of underfloor heating provisions in the UK. They produce a wide range of products to meet all your underfloor heating needs as well as wall heating equipment, demister pads and frost protection solutions. So, whatever it is you’re after, Heat Mat are sure to have just the thing. At Juice Electrical Supplies we are proud to stock an extensive selection of Heat Mat Products.

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About Heat Mat

Heat Mat are synonymous with underfloor heating and have become the go-to brand for flooring professionals around the country. The brand work hard to develop innovative product ranges to meet the needs of their customers whilst always adhering to UK market standards. Established over 12 years ago, Heat Mat have since led the way in creating pioneering new products which are now widely popular.

Underfloor heating

Heat Mat are best known for their wide range of products designed to introduce underfloor heating into a property. No matter which room you choose to welcome warm toes to, you won’t regret it. Hope out of a relaxing bath on to warmed tiles, or enjoy a relaxing evening cooking barefoot in the kitchen. Wherever you decide to place underfloor heating, with Heat Mat you needn’t worry about extortionate energy bills. In fact, in well insulated spaces, underfloor heating mats can replace your existing heat source, helping to slash heating bills.

Their product range

It’s not just underfloor heating which Heat Mat provide solutions to. The brand design and manufacture a range of other products including:

  • Wall heating mats- it’s not just floors that can be warmed up, Heat Mat also make an excellent range of heating just for walls
  • Mirror demister pads- there’s nothing worse than your mirror constantly being misted up just when you need to use it, avoid this with Heat Mat’s mirror demister pads
  • Ice and snow melting systems- suitable for a range of locations driveways, ramps and roofs say goodbye to ice scraping and snow shovelling
  • Trace heating and frost protection products

Affordable prices

Underfloor heating is one of the most luxurious finishing touches you can add to your home. But Heat Mat believe that is something that everyone deserves and make this luxury achievable for every home by working hard to place their products at the most cost-effective prices.

Safety first

Your safety is paramount to the Heat Mat team, which is why they put every single product through the most rigorous of tests to ensure that they are as safe as possible.

Environmentally aware

Heat Mat manufacture as many of their products as possible in the UK or Denmark, helping to reduce mileage to protect the planet.

Heat Mat at Juice

It is clear to see why here at Juice we are so proud to work with Heat Mat and supply you with a wide range of their products. If you would like more information about any of Heat Mat’s solutions, or any of the other products available from us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call today on 0333 456 7895 and a member of our friendly and professional team will be happy to help you find exactly what you need.