1. Security Systems, Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Your Duties as a Landlord

    Security Systems, Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Your Duties as a Landlord

    There are a number of responsibilities and obligations that landlords have to ensure their tenants are safe and protected throughout their time in a rental property. Where there’s a wide range of situations and issues that fall to the landlord to resolve, something that they must rectify, almost immediately, is faulty, worn or broken smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

    Security systems, however, aren’t required to be fitted in a rental property by law, but there are a number of benefits to having these devices installed, and both the landlord and the tenant will reap the rewards of having such a system present within the home.

    In this article, we’ll be taking you through your responsibilities as a landlord together with why you should seriously consider installing a sleek, modern and highly-effective security system within the property you rent out.

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  2. How to Keep Your Bathroom Well-Ventilated

    How to Keep Your Bathroom Well-Ventilated

    With excess moisture in the air, especially over the summer months, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are experiencing significant amounts of mould and damp. It’s no surprise that most of this excess moisture builds up in kitchens and bathrooms, specifically around windows and even in title grouting. This can become a major problem if your bathroom or wet room is windowless, but even if it isn’t, damp and mould can become an issue.

    In this article, we’ll be detailing how you can mitigate this issue in your bathroom together with a few of the benefits you’ll experience if you take the time to take some of our hints and tips onboard. From purchasing extractor fans to effective heating appliances, your bathroom will be dry and mould-free for a long time to come.


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  3. 10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Replace Your Indoor Lighting

    10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Replace Your Indoor Lighting

    Replacing indoor lighting, whether you’re in a domestic or commercial setting, can often seem like a mammoth task to undertake. Understandably, this might put a lot of people off overhauling their interior lighting as, in addition to it being a timely activity, it could end up costing a pretty penny to replace every single lightbulb and light fitting you have. 

    But when you choose Juice Electrical, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution, transforming your home or workplace into a relaxing, modern space for a highly-reasonable cost. So here are just some of the signs that your indoor lighting will need replacing.


    1. Excessive energy consumption

    Often, this is one of the first signs homeowners and bus

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  4. What Are the Latest Trends in Outdoor Lighting?

    What Are the Latest Trends in Outdoor Lighting?

    Whether you’re wanting to inject some new life into your dull back garden or just want to illuminate your outdoor space with stylish, contemporary lighting that’ll accentuate your existing exterior features, Juice Electrical will have just what you need to stay bang on trend when it comes to sleek, modern garden design.

    By opting for popular types of outdoor lighting, you’ll instantly transform your outdoor space into a sophisticated, relaxing oasis - the perfect setting for hosting barbecues, garden parties and general get-togethers well into the night. 

    From eco-friendly options to lighting that oozes continental inspiration, you’re guaranteed to find something that’ll seamlessly complement the outdoor space you have already, and all for a reasonable price.

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  5. Home CCTV Laws Explained: Everything You Need to Know

    Home CCTV Laws Explained: Everything You Need to Know

    Every homeowner wants to keep their property safe and secure and so many turn to home CCTV systems to provide them with absolute peace of mind. There are many different makes and models on the market, all with different capabilities and functionalities. Here at Juice Electrical, we’re pleased to offer a number of high-quality, durable and long-lasting devices that would be an ideal security solution for any home. 

    But before you look to make that all-important purchase to keep your house, your belongings and your family safe, there are a few domestic CCTV laws that you’ll need to know about before going ahead with any installations.

    Here’s everything you need to know in order to be fully compliant with GDPR and other legal requirements, including what the law states by wa

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  6. The Most Futuristic Public Bathrooms in the World

    The Most Futuristic Public Bathrooms in the World

    Technology has been advancing and improving at an impressive rate over the years, and this doesn’t stop with mobile phones, computers and games consoles. Believe it or not, public toilets have also undergone numerous redevelopments in order to fit in with our new, busy, modern lives. 

    With an increasing number of us on the go in and around some of the world’s largest cities, it’s no wonder that copious amounts of money has been spent restoring and building comfortable public toilets for use by everyone, anywhere.


    Toilets that emerge from the ground in parts of Europe

    Located in numerous cities across Europe, specifically in London and A

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  7. Electrical Appliances: The Best, Worst & Weirdest Products We’ve Seen

    Electrical Appliances: The Best, Worst & Weirdest Products We’ve Seen

    During this modern age, an increasing number of high-tech electrical appliances have started coming onto the market, but not all of them are worth the money or what people actually need. From a poor-quality fridge worth $10,000, to taste-enhancing forks making a stir, here are some of the best, worst and weirdest electrical appliances we’ve found to date.


    Some of the best electrical appliances out there

    Many electrical appliances coming onto the scene are of great use to many people these days. With everyday life becoming more busy and fast-paced, people are looking to technology to save time and effort wherever possible. Whether they’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t need to be supervised or a healthy, no-fuss alternative to quick, deep-

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  8. 6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garden

    6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garden

    As we’re now allowed to gather outside, in private gardens, with two households or in a group of six, an increasing number of people have started to improve their gardens in numerous ways. From laying down a lawn to having a new patio installed, homeowners across the country are looking for imaginative ways to transform their outdoor space in preparation for their guests, who they haven’t seen for months on end.

    But you don’t need to pay extortionate amounts of money on brand new patios, areas or garden landscaping in order to bring your outdoor space back to life. Some of these hints and tips will, as well as refresh your garden, will also help to keep your guests as comfortable as possible while they’re sat outdoors for a few hours. 


    Look after your garden and/or patio area


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  9. Eco-Friendly Ways of Heating Your Home All Year Round

    Eco-Friendly Ways of Heating Your Home All Year Round

    Heating your home can be expensive, especially in the winter, but many of us will end up turning the heating on at some point over the warmer months as well, even if it’s just to take the chill off a crisp summer evening. But not only is heating the home costly, it’s also not very environmentally-friendly. So we’ve put together a few other ways of warming your house through, all without reaching for the central heating thermostat.

    Insulate your home where possible

    This is a fairly simple and relatively inexpensive way of ensuring your house remains toasty in the winter and cooler over the summer days. But when the sun sets over the warmer months, the temperature can drop considerably, often causing many of us to put the heating on. With insulation, you’ll find that the house will retain the warmth generated naturally by the sun over the course of the day, so opting to put the heating

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  10. The Chandeliers That Can Make an Impact in Any Home

    The Chandeliers That Can Make an Impact in Any Home

    It’s a common misconception that a chandelier will look out of place in the average home, as opposed to being perfectly hung in the foyer of an ornately decorated mansion in the heart of the English countryside. But over recent years, these stunning light fittings have become increasingly popular in the everyday British home, with many homeowners opting to have a chandelier fitted in the middle of the living room, as a feature in the bedroom or even over the dining room table for added wow-factor.

    As the chandelier continues to become more commonplace in houses everywhere, here are a number of affordable, beautiful chandeliers, all made to an exceptional quality and suitable for any room in your home. You’ll even be able to enjoy having a chandelier in the garden with one of our modern outdoor light fittings of a sleek, contemporary design.


    Firstlight Jasmine cha

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