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  • Illuminate your Garden with Outdoor Lighting by Firstlight

    Illuminate your Garden with Outdoor Lighting by Firstlight A magical time of year for many of us, the Summer months mean longer days and lighter nights so we can look forward to spending more time outdoors. Warmer weather usually evokes happiness and the ‘feel good factor’ as we begin receiving those invitations for barbeques and outdoor birthday parties. It’s also a time when we can simply sit outside and relax after a long day at work.
    The ambient glow of outdoor lighting contributes massively to that overall atmosphere we can experience in a we…


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  • Remote Sensing Security and Home Automation

    Titan RS Range ~
    These days, we are as eager as ever to discover new technology that will allow us to control anything that makes our lives better, faster and more secure. The Titan remote sensing security and home automation range definitely ticks all the boxes.
    These devices comprise intelligent transmitters and receivers that learn each others coding on the initial set-up to give a complete security system for your home or workplace. You can pair a receiver to a transmitter but not to anothe…


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  • Perfect Days Last Longer with Outdoor Lighting

    Perfect Days Last Longer with Outdoor Lighting Is there anything more satisfying than chilling out in the garden? Whether alone or with friends and family, eating, drinking, playing or simply just sitting, the sense of contentment is near unbeatable.
    Every spring, attentions begin to turn towards the summer. Visions of enjoyable days and good times start to take over. The memories of last year’s antics are summoned and this year’s itinerary begins to take mental shape.
    Outdoor lighting can help to make the upcoming days, weeks and months…


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  • Mould-Busting, Condensation-Banishing Positive Input Ventilation

    Mould-Busting, Condensation-Banishing Positive Input Ventilation The environments we create in our houses make them homes. Everything from painting a wall to installing a spotlight and choosing a sofa to ensuring an efficient heating system all make for a cosy home with an embracing aura.
    One area that often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves is ventilation. Quite alarmingly, though, many homes are poorly ventilated throughout the UK. That’s because everyday activities such as using the washing machine, taking a bath and making sure the heat stays in…


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  • Making Your Student Room Feel Like Home

    22 Great Tips to Make your Student Room a Home Infographic by The Rug Seller


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