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Outdoor Downlights

Outdoor lighting has come on leaps and bounds since it was first created. Multifunctional, practical and available in a wide range of styles, it offers extended lighting hours, increased security and when done right, improves the ambience of the garden. One such type of incredible outdoor lighting is outdoor down lighting.

Outdoor downlights offer all the advantages of indoor downlights, but are certified as resistant to the elements and therefore suitable for outdoor use. They can create fantastic, atmospheric lighting effects in your outdoor areas, whether for your home, restaurant, hotel, or any other setting.

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Outdoor Down Lighting

Outdoor down lights, and in particular garden down lighting, can transform almost every aspect of your garden. Helping you see when it’s dark and host late night garden parties in the summer months, they work just for you. They provide a light coming from above, improving visibility no end and allowing you to carry on socialising and enjoying the outside when the day has drawn to a close.

Create fabulous lighting looks

Outdoor down lighting can bring vast improvements to your outdoor area. In the garden, they can be placed along the edge of your house, veranda or garage to create beautiful gentle lighting effects. They add that extra pizzazz for entertaining, and the increased security thanks to extra visibility is just one added bonus!

They are also great for use in the hospitality industry. For example, if you have sheltered outdoor walkways in your hotel, outdoor downlights lined along them are a great way to guide the way for your guests whilst also creating a high-end, luxurious atmosphere.


Outdoor downlights from top manufacturer Ansell have been manufactured with die-cast aluminium and rated IP44, making them resistant to the ingress of dust and water, and suitable for a wide range of situations. They are stylish yet tough and have been designed to work with energy efficient bulbs to help you reduce maintenance costs.

Available in black, grey, silver grey or white and with a beautifully sleek design, the downlights suit any garden or outdoor space. They have a 20 year DuPont finish guarantee, so you are covered in the long term should there be any issues in this regard.

These outdoor down lights have been manufactured specifically for use with energy efficient LED bulbs, so they are great in terms of energy saving too. Thanks to their low levels of energy consumption, LED lighting can save you lots of money on your energy bills. And they of course help you do your bit for the environment as well!

We have always thought of ourselves as outdoor lighting experts. We have vast knowledge and experience of working with outdoor down lighting and would be more than happy to have a chat about it with you to help you make the right decision when purchasing. To get in touch with one of our professional, friendly team members feel free to call us on 0333 456 7895.

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