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LED Garden Spike Lights

Garden lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your garden after dark, from bright outdoor space to cosy, atmospheric hang out. You can extend the party long after the sun goes down with our selection of brilliant LED garden spike lights.

Our range varies in design, colour, price and brand, because we know that you’ve got to choose the right LED garden spike light for your garden. Here at Juice, we’re passionate about outdoor lighting and we want you to have as much choice as possible, so that you achieve the look that you want for your garden. Please go ahead and start looking through our catalogue.

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Simple Installation

Very similar to other LED ground lights, garden spike lights get their name from their easy installation method of literally pushing the spiked end into the ground. That’s it – it couldn’t be simpler. We have LED spike lights to suit every garden with our range of ground and wall options - some of them come with wall mounting brackets. LEDs use far less energy than traditional lamps and bulbs meaning that these impressive lights save you money.

Variety and Choice

Outdoor lighting provides a soft glow of illumination to a darkened area to improve not only the aesthetic appeal of the garden but also its general aura. Our lights offer both form and function, since lighting up dark areas makes it far easier and safer to navigate your garden. Our LED spike lights vary in brightness and many are adjustable, so you can choose the exact amount of light to make your garden look its best.

We stock products from a selection of the best manufacturers in the industry; ELD, Firstlight, Konstsmide and Saxby. A great example from ELD is the Darwin LED Spike Light, which comes with adjustable head for easier placement and a widespread, 54 degree beam angle to light up more of your garden. We’ve also got the Firstlight 8241BK Outdoor 3W LED Wall/Spike Spotlight, a very versatile product which can be installed in the ground or on walls. IP68 rating means that as well as the dust resistance, it can also be submerged in water.

Konstsmide bring the Monza LED Garden Spike Lights, measuring over 1m tall, these bold lights are bound to make a statement. 10m of cabling guarantees that you’ll be able to put them anywhere you want.

The Best in Build Quality

Our incredible LED garden spike lights are sure to look fantastic in your garden. Constructed using tough and durable materials, they are guaranteed a long life span, to add to their list of qualities. They all come with high IP ratings, most of them are rated IP65, so they’re entirely impervious to dust and will resist water jets from any direction. We carefully select our LED ground lights to ensure that we only supply the very best available and that you receive only high quality products.

  • Sleek designs that use less energy and save money
  • Ground and wall LED spike lights able to be placed almost anywhere
  • Solid and durable - they’ll survive anything that you throw at them

There’s a whole array of ways your garden can benefit from LED garden spike lights. If you’re in need of any help or you have any questions for us, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Juice. Call us on 0333 456 7895 or send us an email on our contact form and one of our experts will be happy to discuss LED ground lights, LED spike lights or any of our products found online.

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