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Rectangular Bulkhead Lights

Rectangular lighting; for when you still want edges, but want something a little more interesting looking than a normal square. This quadrilateral is a little less balanced and even than the square, but is still a great shape for a bulkhead light and will look great wherever you put it.

Outdoor lighting has long been known as one the best ways to effectively illuminate an area when it is dark out. There are numerous reasons for outdoor lighting, such as entertaining guests and keeping your property secure, and one of the best ways to achieve this is with the use of a rectangular bulkhead light. Whether you’re lighting up a garden, patio or loading area for the back of your business, our rectangular bulkhead lights are perfect. Please take a look at our selection.

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A range of lights with a range of uses

Our rectangular bulkhead light options are ideal for home and commercial use. Capable of brightening even the darkest of corners, bulkhead lights have the power to keep a party going or ward away unwanted visitors, this outdoor lighting option is versatile, practical and affordable.

We’re very proud of the selection that we’ve got for you. We’ve made sure to have a really strong catalogue of rectangular bulkhead lights from the top manufacturers in the industry. Ansell and Eterna are both well-known for making really high-quality products that have a lot of variety in price, shape, design and colour.

When you select a rectangular bulkhead light from us, you are choosing bulkhead lights that offer a range of benefits to your property. Our outdoor lighting allows you to see clearly when it is otherwise dark, helping you carry out any activities you need and also discouraging uninvited guests from entering your property.

Long lasting and durable

Our rectangular bulkhead lights are all constructed from tough materials, like stainless steel, polycarbonate and aluminum. We’re proud to have, in our range, products from Ansell and Eterna - these two companies really care about making tough and functional bulkhead lights. We’ll strive to sell only products that are going to last you a while and will work reliably while you have them. They all have an IP rating of at least 65, so dust won’t get in and neither will low pressure water jets.

  • Available in a range of styles, designs and materials that help prevent corrosion
  • Promotes safety and security with a sleek appearance
  • Full warranty available on most of our rectangular bulkhead light options

View our complete range of bulkhead lights to find the answer to all of your outdoor lighting questions. We like to think of ourselves as outdoor lighting experts and are more than willing to pass on what we know to you. If you can’t decide on which rectangular bulkhead light you want, get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you in making the right call. Give us a ring on 0333 456 7895 and speak to one of our outdoor lighting experts today.

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