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Emergency Bulkhead Lighting

This is the place where you’ll find all of our emergency bulkhead lights, for when you need strong, maintained light which won’t fizzle out in an emergency. Bulkhead lights, not to be confused with the bulkheads of ships and aeroplanes, are lights which provide impressive amounts of light and are generally used in large indoor spaces, or outdoor spaces.

Our bulkhead lights also double as emergency lights. They have a backup battery to provide maintained light in the event of a power failure, which means that escape routes will remain lit, allowing people to find their way to the exit.

Perfect for warehouses, large stores or underground carparks – Juice’s selection of emergency bulkhead lights is guaranteed to impress. We’ve got traditional-looking bulkhead lights and emergency exit signs, all designed to stay lit, and keep you safe. With such a variety of designs, colours, options and brands, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Please have a look through the catalogue to begin your search.

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Emergency Bulkhead Lights

We believe in choosing trusted manufacturers. Juice is extremely proud to sell products from such respected and trusted emergency bulkhead manufacturers, like Ansell and Eterna. We know that the number one priority for maintained lighting is reliability, we will never sell you anything that we aren’t completely, 100% sure to be of the highest quality and reliability. We will never take chances with your safety.

Bulkheads, especially, need to be made from durable materials and all of ours are IP65 rated, which means that they’re 100% impervious to dust, and they’re resistant to low pressure water jets. Their durability means that they’ll stand up against physical force and general wear and tear, so will always work when you need them to. 12 months warranty for all of our emergency bulkhead lights mean that you’ll be covered in the unlikely event that things go wrong.

In addition, many of our emergency bulkheads come in a variety of different versions, including microwave sensor, for movement detection, and photocell for light converting. Whatever you use your bulkhead lights for, Juice has got you covered with our fantastic catalogue.

Top Quality Products

From Eterna, we bring you the Emergency Exit Light, which comes in both maintained and non-maintained form, the latter meaning that it will remain off and only turn on in the event of a power failure. This brilliant product comes, not only, with a free lamp, it also comes with a pack of different self-adhesive legends, so you’ll be able to stick it wherever you please and it’ll always point in the right direction.

Ansell have a dazzling array of top-quality emergency bulkhead lights, including the Astro Square Bulkhead (28W High Frequency). This reliable and sturdy bulkhead light is made from polycarbonate, comes with a free lamp and you can even choose which colour you’d like the body to come in. You can also decide whether you’d like it to have photocell, digital dimming or microwave movement sensor options – Juice is committed to giving you choice and versatility when it comes to emergency bulkhead lighting.

We appreciate that you want to make the correct decision for your home and garden. That’s why we’re here for you every step of the way. Give us a call on 0333 4567 895 to speak to one of our outdoor lighting experts.

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